More About SOLM

Suns of liberty Mint was founded By Green Beret Veteran and Valor Award recipient David Breger. In 2011 he discovered the benefits of silver bullion in fractional sizes for better divisibility. The lack of available fractional products only meant one thing, Breger was going to have to make it himself. Starting operations out of his apartment and neighbor's garage, he was a man with a $1,000, and a Mission. Over the next six years he studied and worked, day and night, inventing, experimenting and deal making. Today the SOLM factory in Mount Holly Springs, PA can produce world class output volume at some of the lowest prices in the industry!

Ancient Techniques, Fused with Modern Technology.

Our amazing mass production process costs less!

Producing a product that fulfills the needs of the customer more effectively.

Silver in more convenient sizes for less money!
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