Terms and Conditions

1. By placing an order with SOLM you have agreed to send payment in full.
Payments must be made and received within 5 Business days of order placement.
If we do not receive payment within 5 business days we will attempt to contact you to re-negotiate your order. If we cannot reach you your order will be cancelled.
Orders over $5,000 must be paid Via Bank Wire and received within 36 business hours.
After you complete your order ($5,000 and up) you will receive Bank wire instructions via email within 60 min during business hours.
If you are unable to pay your bill please let us know immediately.
If you place an order and do not fulfill payment we may reserve the right to refuse service to you in the future.

2. We only accept Checks, Money Orders, and Bank Wire Transfers.
We're sorry, we do not accept Credit Cards or Pay Pal at this time as we have exceeded our allowable processing volume. In 30 days we will reinstate Credit Card payments.
If you wish to pay by Credit Card, PayPal, or Bitcoin please consider our Authorized Retailers.

3. Most Orders ship within 1 week after cleared payment.
Checks are held for 5 business days before being considered cleared.
When your order ships you will receive tracking information via email.
Your order is fully insured and if there is a shipping loss we will replace it.

4. Shipping Rates
Under $99 - $4.95
Under $499 - $6.95
Under $999 - $9.95
$1000 and up - $14.95

5. Money Back Guarantee
Satisfaction guaranteed otherwise return the silver for a full refund.

6. Contact Info
Po Box 111
Mt. Holly Springs, PA 17065