Why Buy Silver?

For 1000's of years Silver has been used as a medium for trades, it has never lost it's full value. People know when they have a piece of silver, that it is worth something. Even if they are not a silversmith themselves, they know the industry demands this metal, and manufacturers will trade money or items of value for it no matter what.

What makes silver so great?
-Silver is the Best conductor of electricity on the planet (better than gold)
-Silver is the best reflector of light on the planet.
-Silver is antibacterial, and used in top medical bandages.
-Every industry utilizes tools and equipment that won't work without silver parts including yours, even if you might not know it.
-Silver makes a great tool for trades since everybody wants it.

"Stuff happens, but You still want to eat food and keep your family alive. Without grossly overpaying an oz of silver for each loaf of bread that becomes available."

You should choose silver that allows you to buy basic things without overpaying.


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