The Silver Card

"The Silver Card fits perfectly in your wallet, like a credit card." (Patent Pending)

-99.9% Pure Silver, 1 Troy oz.

-Can be easily cut with a pair of scissors, for Maximum Divisibility.

-Keep a few oz's of silver (or ten!) in your wallet, with ease!

-Fit's easily between pages of a book, and much more.

-Soft and bendable, easily shaped and formed. Comes in an annealed state (Heat Softened), so it is much softer then any coin or bar you are likely used to.

-Curve inward to reflect sunlight and start fire or as emergency signal device.

-Blocks RF-ID scanners, and Scrambles X-Ray's. 

-Can be cut into thin strips making Highly conductive wire, or links for chain, over 100 feet long.

-It's the silver smiths or silver lover's best friend, it has 1000's of uses.

-Handmade by American workers, so thin and sleek, you can really appreciate the Silver Metal.

-The Silver Card, it's Silver, For Your Wallet.